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I had stopped making videos some time ago but still, there's a bunch of them which I created back at the time.
And today I was requested to upload 2 of them, so I thought why not to post an entry here as well.
The first one is a Veronica Mars/Prison Break crossover, and it was literally the very first video I made (and - oh, my! - I've just checked, it was made 6 years ago exactly, on the 31st of Oct.2006)

  • Name: Spending my time
  • Song: "Spending my time" by Roxette
  • Fandom: Veronica Mars, Prison Break
  • Genre: AU, crossover
  • Summary: Somewhere in California the girl is waiting for him
  • Pairing: Veronica Mars/Michael Scofield
  • Resolution/size: 640x480 - 22,8 Mb
  • Download: MF, archive password: m@r$br8k
  • Awards {13}: Odd Couple Challenge_ru3 (DOA, challenge r1), Best Couple (EndlessDesires), Best POV (Endless Desires), Best AU (AADA, r20), Best AU_ru(LSVA), Best AU - 1st place (DGA, april-08 ), Best Crossover - 1st place(DGA, april-08 ), Best POV (Lady_m4ryjane Awards, r4), Best Crossover_ru(Lady_m4ryjane Awards, r4), Best AU_ru (Lady_m4ryjane Awards, r4), BestIdea (Lady_m4ryjane Awards, r4), Lady_m4ryjane's Choice (Lady_m4ryjaneAwards, r4), Best AU_3 (DGA, BotB-08 )

  • Reviews:
Cec: Fantastic lyric matches! I love the part about the coffee. The scene manipulation is really good. It's so easy to suspend belief and forget that they are originally from a totally different story. I love those white fades and the flashbacks!
Kaycee: What a unique concept for a video! I enjoyed watching the story unfold in this AU video. I liked how you had both of their points-of-view for different verses of the song. All the scenes looked just like they belonged together...wonderful video!
Lady_m4ryjane: OMG this was unexpected. What a great and unique idea! You made a believable and interesting story using two SO different shows. I love the song and the lyrical interpretations. You have so original ideas. I've seen some of your vids before you started submitting to my site and love all of them : )

The second one is a Tru Calling/BtVS AU.

  • Name: Hold my hand
  • Song: "Black Would Be White" by Plazma
  • Genre: AU, crossover
  • Fandom: Angel, Tru Calling (+ HIMYM, Soul Survivors)
  • Summary: To get back to your normal life again you just have to wake up. But what if you don't know you're sleeping?
  • Pairing: Wesley/Faith (Tru)
  • A/N: this is a 'Normal Again'-ish like vid - only with Wes and Faith (or Tru for that matter), the alternate universe (alternate for "real world" Wes and Faith) is Tru Calling one, and the story is a mix of 'Brother's keeper' & 'Two weddings and a funeral' (these are episodes of 'TruCalling')
  • Resolution/size: 640x480 - 54,9 Mb
  • Download: MF, archive password: h@nd2!ld
  • Lyrics
  • Awards {28}: Best Unconventional Couple_ru (SSA, r64), Most Unique_ru (SSA, r64), Best AU (PiM, r48 ), Best Editing (PiM, r48 ), Best Video (PiM, r48 ), Special excellence in storytelling (PiM, r48 ), Best Angst_3rd place (DGA, October-o8 ), Best Crossover_2nd place (DGA, October-o8 ), Most Dramatic_2nd place (DGA, October-o8 ), Most Unique_2nd place place (DGA, October-o8 ), Best Idea_1st place (DGA, October-o8 ), Best Drama/Angst_2nd place (AHO, r10), Best Storyline_1st place (AHO, r10), Best Crossover_1st place (AHO, r10), Best Couple_1st place (AHO, r10), Most Original_1st place (AHO, r10), Best AU_1st place (AHO, r10), Best Vidder (AHO, r10), Judge's Choice_Mariana (AHO, r10), Best AU_ru (Lady_m4ryjane Awards, r9), Best Idea_ru (Lady_m4ryjane Awards, r9), Best Relationship (Lady_m4ryjane Awards, r9), Best AU (BR, r9), Best narrative_hm (BR, r9), Best angst_ru (BR, r9), Best editing_ru (BR,r9), Best video_ru (BR, r9), HM (DGA, BotB-08 )


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