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Title: Leaving time
Vid request from LadyPhantomOfMusic
Song: "Cold Hearts" by Club 8
Genre: AU, crossover, trailer-like
Fandom: BtVS (+ The Fog, Lost, Smallville, Cool Money, Suburban Girl, Saving Grace)
Pairing: Spike/Buffy, OC/OC
Summary: this story is about Lucinda who can see the past and the future in her dreams, the story is about Spike who has been human for many, many years and now is a teacher in a colledge, the story is about Buffy who didn't know Spike was alive and raised their daughter alone
Resolution/size: 640x480 - 18.4 Mb
Download: MF, password: 1$vi7t
[My name is Lucinda]
[I got it!]
[But people call me Cinda]
[I keep seeing people]
[And I'm watching]
[and then I'm.. drowning]
Take away the pride
And leave your old ideas

[It's just a dream]
[I've been having them a lot]
Cause you won't use them
[C'mon, someone has to agree with me! Spike?]
Stand up straight for those
Who keep you clean
Cause they're the ones who need you
I'll go on my own here
Still there's too much undone
Cold hearts
It's leaving time

[Mother, I'm so glad you're here]
It takes too much from you to make it right
Cold hearts

[You know the only reason I did what I did was because I love you]
Drift away
When distance grows to big

[You really said that?]
We'll have to part


Title: Into the light
Song, pairing & angsty vid request from Poltavka
Song: "If he were back again" by Melnitsa (the lyrics is in Russian)
Genre: AU, crossover
Fandom: BtVS, Angel (+ The Return)
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Summary: Post-Chosen (perhaps, even post-NFA). Spike finally desides to visit Buffy but the only person who meets him there is Dawn; the story follows the lyrics pretty much (let's pretend for two minutes that the gem of amara here is the engagement
ring from 'Something Blue'? pretty please?)
; the song is a dialog between two women: "If he were back again what would I tell him?" - "You would tell him I was waiting for him until my dying day" - "And if he didn't recognize me?" - "You could be like sister to him, he would probably suffer a lot" - "And if he asked where you were?" - "Then you would give him my golden ring. He would understand everything" - "And if he asked why your house was empty?" - "Then you would show him the hearth without fire and the unlocked front door"; I'm not sure if there's such a metaphor in English though; the hearth in Russian means a family, a place where all family
gathers together - and a woman, a wife is the keeper of fire (and the family)

A/N: the title comes from a fanfic by Jen. I didn't know how to end this vid, and then I remembered the fanfic
Resolution/size: 640x480 - 25.6 Mb
Download: MF, password: 1nt0L8
Spike: Knew this girl once. They say the good die young. They won't lie.
Harmony: Angel's office. Spike!
Spike: Any more fireworks for me, I'll be in here...
Harmony: Hello?


Title: Awake
Song: Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet, "Winter: Lux Aeterna" ('Requiem for a Dream' OST)
Genre: AU, crossover, trailer-like
Fandom: Buffyvesrse (clips are from Angel, Buffy, The Return, Cool Money, The Air I Breathe, The Grudge 2, Veronica Decides to Die, Possession)
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Summary: Every night she sees one of them dying; she can't say what's real any more
A/N: Sequel to 'Into the Light'
A/N2: Made as a gift to Poltavka
Resolution/size: 720x480 - 33.3 Mb
Download: MF, password: aW@7
Voiceover: "I miss you so much. I miss hearing your voice. I dream about it, and then I wake up, and can't remember what you sound like".
Cec (Bad Bad Man Awards):
This video is very well done! You did a fantastic job of manipulating the scenes so they looksed like a single scene. The whole video flows very well into one cohesive story. The first voice over really set the tone for the video very well! I love the sequence with Sarah's character standing on the ledge and it cut from one ledge to the other to another, and so on. That was great! Very cool concept!
Bridget (Spike's Sorority Sisters): Hardly ever am I blown away by invented movie trailers built on an independent story using clips from Buffy. But, I found yours remarkable. And at some moments, chilling. Using clips from the show and from other SMG resources, you told the story of Buffy and Spike finding each other by being trapped together in their dreams and reunited when they are awake. It was a fascinating tale of how two people can find each other spiritually. You found clips for Spike and Buffy that matched perfectly even though those clips came from completely different resources. Your use of clips and special effects made it effortless for the viewer to understand exactly what was happening in the story. Thank you for making this amazing Spuffy video that takes my breath away every time I watch it.

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