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Title: Not the Alice
Song: "Alice (Underground)" by Avril Lavigne
Genre: pseudo official music video
Fandom: Alice (SyFy)

Characters/Pairings: Alice (and a little bit of Alice/Hatter)

Summary: What Avril Lavigne music video would be like if it was dedicated to SyFy version of "Alice in Wonderland"
Resolution/size: 720х480 - 49,4 Mb
Download: MF, password: @L1ce

Cec (Bad Bad Man Awards): I really like the way you blended the scenes of Alice and Avril Lavigne's video. The clips all blend together beautifully. I love the way you use overlays. I love the way you use the first of the video to show confusion, but you transition so well into the optimistic feel of the later portions of the video. Very nice work!

Title: Feel
Song: "Feel" by Robbie Williams
Genre: general, Sam's POV
Fandom: Life on Mars (UK)

Characters/Pairings: Sam/Annie

Summary: Sam in seasons 1&2, Sam and the sky, Sam and Annie
Resolution/size: 856x480 - 59 Mb
MF, password: fE$l1973


Cec: Nice use of lyrics! You did an excellent job matching all the words with the scenes! You use the rhythm really well too! I love all the scenes where the girlfriend disappears! Very nice. The scenes where you cut back and forth between similar scenes set in the different time periods were really great! Nice touch! Very cool video!
Kaycee: That was so good! The song seems made for that show. You always had a perfect clip to match the lyrics! The "hold my hand" parts were my favorite. Such smooth editing...loved it!

Title: 'Til we meet again
Song: "Until I find you again" by Richard Marx
Genre: AU, crossover
Fandom: Kingdom of Heaven, Princess of Thieves, King Arthur

Characters/Pairings: Balian/Gwyn, Balian/Guinevere

Summary: After his wife's death Balian is haunted by the memory of her - he remembers when they first met, he sees a vision of her in their house window... So, when he meets Guinevere who looks so much alike Gwyn, he thinks he sees the ghost of his wife. Then there is a boy in the vid - he is an orphan somehow related to Guinevere
Resolution/size: 640x480 - 42,1 Mb
MF, password: m$eT@ga1n


LadyMajaVader: You used the original source material to tell a completely different, original AU story and did so fantastically! The clips are perfectly matched in terms of colouring and internal motion; the effects add to it a lot, for example the parallels and sepia sequences are a great device to show the similarities between the two women. The story is clear and easy to follow, and last but not least - completely enchanting. You make the viewers completely forget what the orignal movies were about and follow your vid - and that is a great feat of vid storytelling!
Lady Manson: I loved the integration of your clips in this video. Having not seen the films, it was really hard for me to tell which clips came from what, which is an awesome achievement. They were very well edited and chosen for the storyline and the story was well told. The song was an excellent choice and fit the theme well. The editing stayed on tempo with the song and flowed beautifully. I really enjoyed the imagery of the video, it made for a real romantic feel around. Good work!


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